BATON Media QC | What's New | July 2021


BATON Media QC | What's New | July 2021

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Media QC with BATON®
BATON is the leading M/L and AI enabled automated QC platform that provides comprehensive quality and compliance checks for VOD content, in the cloud / on-premises, for linear and streaming workflows.

BATON is used by global broadcast, telco, IPTV, OTT, and post-production markets and archiving companies.
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What’s New - BATON 8.1
New Formats:
JPF Image, framerates for SCC...
New Video Quality Checks:
Irregular motion jerk, new aliasing types, out of range pixel...
BATON Internationalization:
UI and multi-lingual reports
Single Sign-on (SSO) authentication system
Frame-by-frame PSE Statistical information in JSON format
Netflix compliance upgraded to ver. 9.1
Enhancements in the BATON expansion features
Enhancements in the Smart Folder UI and the verification report
Support for access to BATON using Swagger
Support for new REST and XML-RPC APIs
Support added in BATON Media Player:
SSA subtitle format, BATON LipSync interface, export captions files in the MCC format, Dolby E and Stereo audio channels on a single track
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