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Transforming Live Storytelling through Innovation
“In 2019, EVS will continue to push the boundaries of innovation, true to our mission to provide the best return on emotion. Building on our Creative Live solutions and Connected Live technology, our teams will strive to create immersive and engaging live viewing experiences as never before.”

Dr. Pierre DeMuelenaere
CEO ad interim and Chairman of the board of directors
EVS uses emerging technologies with purpose, designing practical innovations that address industry challenges and create new business opportunities. Here are some of our key products and current focus areas for 2019:
/ Designing reliable, flexible and scalable solutions: XT-VIA

In this era of transformation, there’s a growing need for more reliable, flexible and scalable broadcast solutions. EVS has designed a live production server that bridges the gap between both today’s and tomorrow’s requirements. It supports all new industry formats and protocols from HD to 8K, SDR to HDR, and SDI to IP, meaning broadcasters can easily roll out workflows tailored to their specific needs at any time, from the same server.
Since it’s launch XT-VIA has been adopted by some of the best broadcast and media production companies worldwide including: NEP / NHK Media Technology / Gravity Media / Sky Deutschland / SuperSport / NASCAR Productions / Riot Games (Korea) / ORF / NDR / tpc / TVN Mobile Production / China Sports Media (CSM) / CINEVIDEO / Mobile TV Group / Ekstraklasa Live Park / Match TV / Start TV / Global Production and more.
/ Choosing the software-defined approach: the Dyvi switcher

With its unique software-defined architecture based on scalable and format-independent GPU video processing, the Dyvi offers far-reaching creative capabilities that you simply cannot replicate with conventional hardware-based switchers.
Just like our XT-VIA server, the Dyvi has already been chosen by some top names in the industry. The French TV channel Equidia, dedicated to horse racing, is one of the latest adopters. Find out how the channel has been able to improve its programming thanks to the Dyvi’s unique capabilities.
/ Artificial Intelligence: shaping the future of live sports production
More than just a buzzword, AI is set to have a profound impact on various parts of the live production and EVS has already demonstrated its potential to improve efficiency in certain areas.

Find out how the use of AI can enhance the live storytelling in sports productions, by downloading this technical paper written in collaboration with UEFA.
/ Towards virtualized infrastructures: PMZ
EVS has begun the journey towards virtualization with the PMZ hypervisor. Designed specifically for mobile setups, the PMZ allows you to virtualize some aspects of your production infrastructure to create more agile production workflows, while cutting hardware costs and lowering space usage.


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