The new replay experience


The new replay experience


IP 기반 라이브 재생 및 하이라이트 솔루션  

LSM-VIA는 모든 라이브 작업에 뛰어난 가용성, 유연성, 속도 및 제어 기능을 제공합니다. EVS의 실제 운영자들과 긴밀히 협력하여 새롭게 설계된 LSM-VIA는 보다 많은 기능을 보다 적은 키 입력으로 운영이 가능합니다. 본 리모트는 XT-VIA 서버와 함께 작동하고 다른 모든 VIA 제품과 원활하게 상호 호환이 가능하며, 새로운 리플레이 및 하이라이트 솔루션은 새로운 워크플로우를 통해 네트워크의 모든 컨텐츠에 대한 빠르고 직접적인 작업을 제공 합니다. 또한 완전한 IP 연결과 소프트웨어 기술을 탑재한 LSM-VIA는 완벽한 실시간 프로덕션을 실현 시킬 것입니다.

Product benefits 

Operator usability 

Better ergonomics, a new integrated touchscreen, and direct access to functions in a customizable layout allow you to create your replays and highlights with a level of intuitiveness that is second to none. 

Greater flexibility and scalability 

By interacting seamlessly with other EVS solutions in the VIA microservices ecosystem, LSM-VIA opens up flexible new workflows that adapt perfectly to each production and scale as you need. 

Speed up your operations 

Get access to more functionalities, faster, thanks to the remote’s programmable buttons, shortcut functions, simple tactile control and semi-automated functionalities. 

More control 

Manage and visualize content through the remote’s integrated touchscreen, and a second viewer that acts as an interface to the whole VIA production environment. 

IP connectivity 

With native IP connectivity onboard, you can assign channels more dynamically for maximum flexibility and connect to any server on the network, benefiting from direct access to content on the network. 

Key features 

  • Proven reliability and reactivity
  • Multicamera ingest and playback
  • Slow motion and super slow motion replay control
  • Highlight editing tools
  • Seamless integration into VIA ecosystem
  • Full IP connectivity
  • Direct access to network content
  • New functions enabling new workflows
  • Familiar controller design with streamlined ergonomics


LSM-VIA remote 


Live slow motion remote controller 

  • Streamlined ergonomics
  • Programmable buttons
  • Direct access to functions
  • Intuitive touchscreen panel
  • Customizable layout
  • Semi-automated control



Live production server 

  • Onboard storage for hundreds of hours of content
  • Enhanced channel density with SLSM configurations
  • Native IP support for SMPTE standards (ST 2110, ST 2022, NMOS) and EMBER+
  • Embedded IP Multiviewer with external inputs and tally support
  • Mix of 1080P/UHD4K on one server with upscaling
  • Native codec support like XAVC-I, DNxHR, DNxHD, Prores
  • XNet-VIA 10G EVS network connectivity

Thin client 


Thin client for viewer application 

  • Mountable anywhere 
  • Enrich clip metadata
  • Fast browsing and selection
  • Playlist management and editing 


The broadcast industry is undergoing a transformation. Audience expectation for more, the proliferation of ‘prosumer’ equipment, and new stakeholders entering the market are putting content producers under more pressure to create new kinds of engaging video, as efficiently as possible. To allow content creators to address these challenges and make the most of every moment, EVS is introducing a new way to deploy live production workflows.


The purpose of EVS’ new core platform is to allow content producers and facility providers to create the most compelling live stories, assisted by technology instead of being constrained by it. 
The service-orientated nature of the platform makes it easier for your users to put in place live production workflows that better suit your facilities’ needs. And the integration of third-party technology using an API gateway will enable users to create completely customized production systems.
VIA represents much more than just new technology. It’s enabling a new way of thinking about creating live programming to meet today’s needs and execute tomorrow’s content production demands.

VIA sits at the core of EVS’ emerging product portfolio and is supported by three technology pillars
  • VIA Flow
  • VIA Mind
  • VIA Opengate


In 2018, EVS introduces several products that are unleashed by VIA platform.

Welcome to the production workflows of tomorrow in which your content creators can take advantage of tailored production solutions and service-centric technology to allow them to create the most immersive live programming.

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