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ntc 0 327 2020.05.29
Software-based studio server for flexible ingestEVS introduces XS-NEO, the new studio server which provides flexible software-based workflows. Hosted on high-performing and compact EVS PMR processing module, the software-defined server ingests multiple formats and codecs concurrently, supported over swappable SDI or IP connectivity. XS-NEO is the ultimate video server that delivers EVS-built reliability, combined with unequalled flexibility and scalability for your future requirements. Core benefitsEVS-BUILT RELIABILITY FOR YOUR PEACE OF MINDEVS has taken the core benefits of its iconic XT server technology and implemented an innovative software-defined approach for high flexibility combined with EVS-built reliability.ACCOMMODATES ANY REQUIREMENTAs well as supporting multiple formats and codecs and allowing on the fly changes per channel and flow, XS-NEO is also designed to work within both SDI and IP infrastructures.HIGHLY SCALABLE OPERATIONSAs a stack-and scale model and fully integrated into IPD-VIA live PAM suite, XS-NEO enables a new level of channel support and scalability to match your business evolutions.Key featuresMulti-format & codec ingest incl. 24p, LongGOP XDCAM HD 422Reconfigurable on the flyLoop recording technologyIP (ST 2110) and SDI connectivityNative export capabilities to nearline (HiRes + Lores) (Avid or file servers)Different codecs : DNxHD, XDCAM HD, XAVC-IProduct componentsProcessing modulePMRVideo I/O board with 8x HD-SDI/3G-SDI OR 2x25Gbps connectivityOptimized Linux operating systemTwo 16 core CPUs8x 1.2TB SAS drives RAID arrayGPU board96GB RAM2x onboard 1-Gbps ethernet ports2x 10Gbps ethernet ports for file transfer4x USB 3.0 ports at the back, 1x at the frontThe number of channels supported by PMR module depends on the chosen video codec and format.Ingest appIPD-VIA IngestControl and schedule live feedsControl of XS-NEOHTML 5 web interfaceFrame accurate multi-camera ingestConfidence and progress monitoring
The new replay experience
ntc 0 414 2020.05.27
IP-based live replay and highlights solutionLSM-VIA offers unprecedented usability, flexibility, speed and control for all your live operations. Designed in close collaboration with our community of EVS operators, LSM-VIA lets you tell the story you want with more functionalities and fewer keystrokes. Working together with the XT-VIA server and interacting seamlessly with all other VIA products, the new replay and highlights solution opens up exciting new workflows and provides faster and direct access to all the content on the network. And with full IP connectivity and software-defined technology onboard, LSM-VIA ensures you’re ready to address all future live production expectations. Product benefitsOperator usabilityBetter ergonomics, a new integrated touchscreen, and direct access to functions in a customizable layout allow you to create your replays and highlights with a level of intuitiveness that is second to none.Greater flexibility and scalabilityBy interacting seamlessly with other EVS solutions in the VIA microservices ecosystem, LSM-VIA opens up flexible new workflows that adapt perfectly to each production and scale as you need.Speed up your operationsGet access to more functionalities, faster, thanks to the remote’s programmable buttons, shortcut functions, simple tactile control and semi-automated functionalities.More controlManage and visualize content through the remote’s integrated touchscreen, and a second viewer that acts as an interface to the whole VIA production environment.IP connectivityWith native IP connectivity onboard, you can assign channels more dynamically for maximum flexibility and connect to any server on the network, benefiting from direct access to content on the network.Key featuresProven reliability and reactivityMulticamera ingest and playbackSlow motion and super slow motion replay controlHighlight editing toolsSeamless integration into VIA ecosystemFull IP connectivityDirect access to network contentNew functions enabling ne…
X-ONE Unified Live Production System
ntc 0 261 2020.05.10
Unified live production systemX-One brings EVS’ market-proven technology into a compact and easy-to-deploy system that delivers a full live production at significantly lower costs. Ideal for smaller-scale productions, X-One allows a single operator to do live switching, create replays and highlights, control audio, create and insert graphics and play back content - all from a set of intuitive interfaces and with guaranteed broadcast-quality output. Core benefitsCOST-EFFECTIVE PRODUCTIONSX-One puts all of the capabilities of a control room into the hands of a single operator - all controlled from the solution's dual touchscreen. Besides generating significant cost savings for your productions, it also makes it economically viable to cover your smaller-scale events.BROADCAST QUALITYThe system uses EVS’ fast and efficient production technology, including its unique frame accurate control and loop recording technology to bring broadcast quality and the reliability that are essential in demanding live environments.EASY OPERATIONS​X-One’s ultra-intuitive user interfaces and remote controller provide quick and precise operations, and its software is simple and straightforward for a short learning curve.Key featuresMulticam ingest and playbackLive switchingReplay and slow-moMulti-angle clippingAutomatic highlightsHighlights editingGraphics creation and editing6 SDI inputs / 2 SDI outputsNDI protocol supportSoftware-defined architectureEVS loop recordingEasy to learn interface
DYVI - Video Switcher
ntc 0 366 2020.05.10
Software-defined live production switcherThe Dyvi switcher offers a brand-new approach to live production, taking you far beyond the limits of conventional hardware switcher design. Its GPU processing and software-defined architecture offer outstanding flexibility, scalability and creativity to suit all your production workflows. With its fully configurable panel and intuitive user interface, Dyvi allows the fast operation of complex, multi-layered video designs, to engage and entertain your audiences like never before.Core benefitsCREATIVE FREEDOMBreak free from the constraints linked with proprietary fixed hardware to explore a new world of creativity where complex designs are created with almost unlimited layers and effects for the highest value production content.BUILT-IN FLEXIBILITYThe Dyvi’s unique GPU-based technology and stackable PMY processing modules provide outstanding flexibility and boosted processing power to serve all production requirements. Besides its expansive creative toolset, the Dyvi also lets you create in the format of your choice including UHD 4K and 1080p with support of hybrid SDI/P connectivity.INTUITIVE CONTROLEach button can be assigned to a single function, or a combination of commands, all controlled from a user-friendly interface. These configurations can then be recalled in an instant with a single press of a button, allowing for more streamlined operations and quick content turnaround.Key featuresNext event operation workflow (Story Mode rather than technical M/E style)Unlimited effects stack (e.g. Chromakey on Chromakey on Chromakey…)Totally flexible and scalable internal architectureIntegrated MultiviewersCompositing engine for vision mixingIncredible range of creative effects and filtersConditional macros (unlimited, simultaneous active macros)Multi layers effects3rd party controlFlexible and customizable layout of control panelSoftware-based platformGlobal sources and effects paired to sources, stages or layersCompositing of l…
ntc 0 297 2020.05.09
Multi-camera review systemWith Xeebra, officials or video operators can easily review a given action and select the most relevant angles on the system’s intuitive touchscreen or with a dedicated controller. They can zoom in with a simple touch-and-pinch gesture to review every angle in detail - quickly, efficiently and in complete synchronization. The system can be deployed wherever it needs to be, whether on the sidelines, in a venue production control room or a remote officiating facility, guaranteeing the utmost flexibility. Additionally, Xeebra supports Super Slow Motion ingest and browsing, and integrates FIFA-certified AI-driven offside line technology to provide referees with everything they need to make the right call. When VAR meets AI_2019 from EVS Broadcast Equipment on Vimeo.Product benefitsREVIEW IN PERFECT SYNCHRONIZATIONXeebra’s flexible client interface allows you to view multiple camera angles, with synchronized, browsing of content from up to 16 HD cameras. You can narrow your view from all 16 to four, two or full-screen views through simple touches.SEE INSIDE THE ACTIONXeebra supports the ingest and browsing of high frame rate (SuperMotion) cameras, just like professional EVS broadcast servers. This ensures that officials not only see the key action but also view and analyze angles with greater clarity and detail than possible with the naked eye.SAVE TIME WITH FIFA CERTIFIED VIRTUAL OFFSIDE LINENo more need for time- consuming pre-game setups. Xeebra integrates machine learning technology to automatically calibrate the field of play and produce a virtual offside line in real-time. Having successfully completed FIFA’s Quality Programme for Virtual Offside Lines (VOL), this innovative technology highlights the accuracy and consistency of the EVS solution.ZOOM IN FOR A BETTER LOOKXeebra’s easy pinch and zoom capabilities allow users to get a closer view of the captured action. Zoom in on a single-view image or select side-by-side views for close-up c…
ntc 0 662 2020.03.27
Live replay serverXT-GO allows the renowned reliability and capabilities of EVS servers to be more accessible for smaller productions operating on tighter budgets. It delivers the essential functionalities of a powerful XT live production server including live feed recording, slow and super motion replays, as well as clipping and playlist control. It also offers flexible configurations, integrates all new formats and protocols from HD/ FHD to UHD-4K, SDR to HDR, and SDI to IP, all at an unexpected price.Core benefitsQUALITY AND RELIABILITYBased on EVS hardware, XT-GO provides a reliable solution with a comprehensive feature set that delivers premium quality content at a compelling entry level price.INCREASED PRODUCTION CAPABILITIESWith the ability to connect up to two servers together, the XNet-GO media sharing network allows you to record more cameras and share media transparently.FLEXIBLE CONNECTIVITYThe server brings hybrid SDI/IP connectivity for easy migration to IP workflows and to assure full IP interoperability with other systems thanks to approved SMPTE 2110, PTP and NMOS standards.FAST AND EFFICIENT CONTROLThe XT-GO remote offers essential functions for live events and sports replay actions. It is immediately accessible to any LSM operator with no need for extra training.Technical specificationsChannels8ch FHD and HD (720p, 1080i, 1080p) 4ch UHD-4K (2160p)Choice of one codecUHD-4K:  XAVC-Intra, DNxHR HD/FHD:  XAVC-I, AVC-I, DNxHD or ProRes  SDI I/O1.5G-SDI, 3G-SDI and 12G-SDI selectable in software settingsIP/IO10G Ethernet SFP+ IP ST2110 (-10, -20, -21, -30, -40) NMOS IS-04, IS-05, EMBER+PTPAudio192 uncompressed audio tracksEmbedded, AES and MADI supportStorageInternal storage of 11TBExpandable to 22TBRecording capacity of up to 140 hours at 100MbpsHot swap storageMulti-Network OnboardEVS XNet-GO (3G-SDTI)Dual 10Gbps media sharing networkRedundant 1Gbps management LAN portsEmbedded Multiviewer2 external inputs4 individual outputs
ntc 0 427 2020.05.08
The Ultimate Studio Production ServerWith XS-VIA, large broadcast center and studio operations can benefit from EVS’ trademark reactivity and robustness, along with its unique Loop Recording technology. The server is optimized for the recording of multiple audio and video feeds, as well as instant control and multiple channels of playback operations. Offering higher UHD-4K channel density and supporting both SDI and IP environments, XS-VIA is designed to suit all your production needsCore BenefitsNON-STOP RECORDINGThe reliable server engine with EVS’ Loop Recording technology means you never have to worry about down time or missed content.FULL FLEXIBILITY FOR (U)HD DEPLOYMENTSEVS has built the XS-VIA to operate in workflows that embrace any resolution whether that’s HD, Full-HD or UHD, with the expected EVS reliability and quality.PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENTSXS-VIA remains interoperable with existing EVS workflows, and benefits from evolutive services enabled by EVS’ VIA technology platform for a safer transition to the next generation of production infrastructures.OPTIMIZED CHANNEL DENSITY & CONNECTIVITYXS-VIA allows productions to extend to more UHD- 4K and 1080p operations and can be deployed seamlessly in both IP-connected and SDI environments.EXPANDABLE INTERNAL STORAGEXS-VIA makes storage expansion easy through a range of onboard and externally expandable options yielding up to 130+ hours in UHD-4K at 600Mbps.THIRD PARTY CONTROLXS-VIA streamlines production workflows thanks to its easy integration with third party tools and new media asset management systems.Technical SpecificationsVideo Channels6ch UHD-4K12+ch FHD and HD (720p, 1080i, 1080p)CodecsXAVC-Intra class 300 and 480 codec for UHD-4KDNxHR for UHD4K (available in Q4 2018)XAVC-I, AVC-I, DNxHD and ProRes for HD/FHDMJPEG and H.264 proxy onboardIP I/O10G Ethernet SFP+ST2022-6, ST2110, PTP, NMOS IS-04, IS-05SDI/O3G-SDI and 12G-SDI selectable in software settingsAudio192 uncompressed audio tracksEmbedded and…
ntc 0 456 2020.05.07
The next-generation live production server that transforms live action into memorable storiesThe XT-VIA production server is designed to meet the most demanding live broadcast production requirements, integrating all new formats and protocols from HD to 8K, SDR to HDR, and SDI to IP in a single versatile solution. Built from EVS’ live engineering expertise, XT-VIA guarantees an unmatched level of control and precision and offers a boosted capacity of up to six channels of UHD and 16+ channels of HD, making it the most powerful system on the market. Core BenefitsTHE FASTEST AND MOST RELIABLE SERVER ON THE MARKETConsistently output the best quality content for all your productions, whenever and however they’re deployed thanks to EVS’ signature speed and reliability and loop recording technology.FULL FLEXIBILITY FOR UHD OR HD OPERATIONSXT-VIA conveniently supports multiple video formats including UHD-4K, 1080p, and even offers 1080p to UHD-4K upscaling. It also provides over 370 validated I/O configurations to roll out workflows tailored to your specific needs, from the same server.LIVE HDR PRODUCTIONXT-VIA is already built out for HDR broadcasting. It supports HDR in all resolutions and allows HDR-SDR conversions from its embedded Multiviewer, removing the need for any additional monitoring investment.ADVANCED CONNECTIVITYThe server provides hybrid SDI/IP connectivity and assures you full IP interoperability with other systems thanks to approved SMPTE 2110, PTP and NMOS standards.HIGH SPEED MEDIA SHARING NETWORKXT-VIA allows simultaneous use of both the new XNet-VIA and file-based network, providing a guaranteed bandwidth for playout and content sharing to external devices for all your demanding live workflows.HIGH QUALITY SUPER MOTION REPLAYSWith the support of the highest number of super motion cameras in the market, ranging from 2x up to 16x, XT-VIA delivers super slow-motion replays of the best quality.Technical SpecificationsChannels16+ch FHD and HD (720p, 1080i,…

The broadcast industry is undergoing a transformation. Audience expectation for more, the proliferation of ‘prosumer’ equipment, and new stakeholders entering the market are putting content producers under more pressure to create new kinds of engaging video, as efficiently as possible. To allow content creators to address these challenges and make the most of every moment, EVS is introducing a new way to deploy live production workflows.


The purpose of EVS’ new core platform is to allow content producers and facility providers to create the most compelling live stories, assisted by technology instead of being constrained by it. 
The service-orientated nature of the platform makes it easier for your users to put in place live production workflows that better suit your facilities’ needs. And the integration of third-party technology using an API gateway will enable users to create completely customized production systems.
VIA represents much more than just new technology. It’s enabling a new way of thinking about creating live programming to meet today’s needs and execute tomorrow’s content production demands.

VIA sits at the core of EVS’ emerging product portfolio and is supported by three technology pillars
  • VIA Flow
  • VIA Mind
  • VIA Opengate


In 2018, EVS introduces several products that are unleashed by VIA platform.

Welcome to the production workflows of tomorrow in which your content creators can take advantage of tailored production solutions and service-centric technology to allow them to create the most immersive live programming.

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